Questions To Ask The Caterer

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Questions To Ask The Caterer

Making plans to host a party, wedding or another type of large event can be very stressful and one thing can really make it go smoothly. A professional caterer. A caterer will be able to plan the menu, prepare the food and even offer great tips on who to hire to DJ, take photographs and even find a great tux or dress for the event. When you are planning an event and need to hire a caterer, be sure to ask them a few important questions before you hire them so that you may see clearly if their style, personality and food will go along with your plans as well as your event budget.

  1. Do you have a staff?

This is going to be a very important question because you need to know if you will have to hire a wait staff or if the caterer will bring their own staff to serve. Depending on your guest list you will also need to know how many servers the caterer will bring (if they bring any) and if the number will be enough or if you, or the caterer, will need to hire or bring more. You also need to know who will be in charge on the day of your event if the caterer is not present and who you need to speak to if you have an issue or want to discuss changing anything before the event.

  1. Do you only offer the main course?

Many caterers will only offer one or two courses for the main meal but will not prepare desserts. If you want to have desserts, you need to make sure the caterer does them. Also, if you want to have a bar or need an actual venue to host the event, be sure to ask the caterer if they offer alcohol or have a venue that you can use for the event.

  1. Can you recommend a photographer?

Since caterers work in the industry and attend many events, a great deal of them will be able to recommend the best photographers that cater to the type of event that you are hosting. They can also refer you to DJ’s and other entertainment personnel as well as others that are often a necessity with large events.

  1. Where do your purchase your food?

This is a very important question to ask so you will know where the ingredients for the dishes are from. If you are hosting, for instance, a kosher event and need all of the food to be kosher, then it is best to make sure the caterer knows this and will be preparing food only with kosher ingredients. You can also tell if the caterer makes their dishes from scratch or fresh if they use farmer’s markets or produce stands as well as whether they purchase items pre-made.

  1. Will you give me an itemized estimate and is it all-inclusive?

The cost is going to be one of the most important issues that you will have to take care of and you really should ask about this upfront. You need to have a caterer that will itemize the cost so you will know what you are paying for. This itemized cost estimate should include everything and it is important to make sure that once you get a final quote for the catering services that the cost is all-inclusive so you will know exactly what must be paid for the catering services before the event date.

Something that is going to be extremely important is the fact that you need to personally try to the food that the caterer works with and this needs to be done before you ever hire them. You need to do this so that you can taste it and know whether it is actually what you want to offer guests at your event. If you like the food, chances are, your guests will like it as well.

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