Posted on May 19, 2016

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Professional Santa Cruz Catering Services

If you could plan a large event with ease, the world would have no use for a hospitality or catering industry to handle the complex issues of planning a party, picnic, wedding or other gathering that requires food and beverages. Hiring a professional caterer helps to make the stress of planning a large event subside as the caterer will know just what to prepare to please all of your guests.

This is where five star Santa Cruz Catering comes in. We have worked for more than ten years in the catering and food and beverage industry in Santa Cruz and we know which caterers offer the best services as well as pricing and we aim to provide top quality affordable catering services to our clients. We make it easier for you to find that perfect wedding baker, the picnic planner, the party organizer and the best caterer for any event you are planning to host.

Things to Look For When Searching For Catering Services


  • References: Just as with any service for hire that you may need, be sure to check references and see what others really think about them. Checking reviews online is a great way to see reviews without having to ask for a reference list upfront.
  • Better Business Bureau (BBB): You can always check the BBB rating to see how they rate and also to see if any complaints have been lodged against them in the past. If you do see complaints, you will want to see how they responded to the complaint but you will also want to keep in mind that even the best caterer will often have a disgruntled customer even if the services were exemplary.
  • Gallery: If the caterer has a website or a social media page or even a physical gallery, be sure to look at pictures of past food presentations and events to see if the style they use to present their services are going to be what you personally want for your event. If the caterer has a personality that is far from your own, you may want to check out a different caterer that will blend in with your own personality better. Most professional caterers will be able flexible with the way they present everything and will be able to provide you with the exact services you are looking for.


Questions to Ask The Caterer

Anytime you are planning a large event and need to hire a caterer, there are several questions that are very important and should be asked upfront when you initially speak to the caterer.

  • Is the caterer going to be available on the date of the event?
  • Will you be able to taste test their food to make sure it is something you want to have at your event?
  • Will the caterer have their own wait staff or do you need to hire a separate staff for that?
  • Will the caterer just be preparing the food or do they include other services?
  • Does the caterer have a menu prepared that you can look over or do they base their food preparation off of what you want personally?
  • What are their fees and how do they accept payment?
  • Is a deposit required upfront?
  • Can they provide references for you to check?


Five star Santa Cruz Catering company has made finding and hiring a caterer for your next event simple to do. We match your needs with the best caterers in Santa Cruz and all you need to do to get started is fill out the contact form on this website and a catering pro will contact you shortly. We can offer multiple quotes for catering services here in Santa Cruz and guarantee that all of the caterers that we work with are highly rated and have very competitive rates for their services.

We are very stringent in our listings and know the catering industry inside and out to be able to offer only the best to our clients. We know which caterers have the best reviews and we know which offer special menus, specialize in weddings, birthdays, corporate events and even family reunions or small groups. When only the best will do, be sure to contact Santa Cruz Catering and we will be happy to assist with all of your catering needs.

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